Alphabet Alliance of Color | Centering Queer People of Color’s Stories in Seattle.
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We are

two_spirit two spirit black black brown brown disabled disabled femme femme gender_non-conforming gender non-conforming indigenous indigenous pasifika pasifika queer queer trans trans people_of_color people of color healers healers caretakers caretakers dreamers dreamers organizers organizers community_leaders community leaders

Who we’re for

Alphabet Alliance of Color (AAoC) is an organizing alliance of all our letters: two spirit, black, brown, disabled, femme, gender non-conforming, indigenous, pasifika, queer, trans, people of color who are healers, caretakers, dreamers, organizers, and community leaders. We center people like you who share our identities, and we serve our intersectional community — meaning ourselves, our intersectional community, and all of our letters above who are experiencing racism, violence, transphobia, and economic violence.


What we do

We are storytellers, creatives, organizers, lovers, visionaries, artists, sci-fi dreamers, and doers. We do this by way of multi-layered approaches, gathering together, community capacity building, organizing, and healing, and collecting and archiving stories of survival and resistance.


Why we do it

We do this in an effort to tell and collect our stories, build and change systems of healing and power in our communities that impact us, shift culture, and create the fullest version of our collective liberation story so we can manifest the world we want, that our ancestors envisioned for us, and that our children deserve.


Our Alliance